Black Water and the Health Hazards That Can Come with It in Northern Minnesota

When you imagine water damage, you think of a leaking pipe — a freshwater pipe. It’s the same for most people. If only everyone were that lucky, though. You see, there are three types or categories of water damage that plague properties: clean water damage, gray water damage and black water damage. Each one is worse than the last. Black water damage is the worst of all three.

Typically, black water is the result of groundwater flooding or sewage backup. It is expensive to clean, highly contaminated and a danger to your health. With the right water damage restoration services, you can address the issue quickly and easily.

The Health Risks of Black Water

There are numerous health risks associated with black water damage. First off, the human waste found in raw sewage transmits illnesses such as E. coli and campylobacteriosis, both of which lead to serious illness and infection within the digestive tract.

Furthermore, the bacteria commonly found in black water damage release endotoxins into the air, which cause long-term respiratory disease through exposure. Just the presence of black water can exacerbate health and home issues, too. If you have mold, mycotoxins released into the air will quickly increase in number and worsen.

Misconceptions Surrounding Black Water Damage

This is the internet. There are numerous DIY blogs found online that claim black water is easily cleaned and completely capable of DIY repairs. It’s not. That falsehood is one of the top misconceptions surrounding black water — and a dangerous one, too. It is never safe to clean black water without the appropriate equipment, protective gear and training. Even minor exposure to black water will lead to long-term illness.

Another common misconception surrounding black water damage is that it is solely caused by a sewage backup. That notion is false. Black water is also caused by groundwater flooding, during which the water picks up waste and chemicals in its path. Before long, these contaminants will be in your home, affecting your day-to-day.

Let the Experts Handle Black Water

If you’re dealing with a sewage backup, septic tank failure or flooding, let the IICRC certified restoration experts handle the black water damage cleanup. It is too dangerous for the average homeowner to tackle themselves. Do not put your health or home at risk.

Here at Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota, we proudly offer 24-hour water damage restoration and sewage cleanup services. Our technicians are highly trained and adept at dealing with black water damage, raw sewage and toxic mold found in the home or office. We have the tools and protective equipment to complete the job safely.

For such exceptional service, please call us now!

About The Author 

Patrick McBrady is the owner of Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota. Pat has more than five years of professional restoration experience and 24 years of management experience, and he has received certifications from the IICRC and the ACAC.

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