DIY Mold Removal vs. Professional Mold Remediation

Many people believe they can perform mold remediation in Northern Minnesota on their own. However, a substantial amount of mold damage removal requires expert knowledge and professional equipment.

The most common household cleaners for removing mold are bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and detergent. However, it takes professional-grade, EPA-approved biocides for mold remediation to be effective. 

There are over 300,000 types of mold, some of which are toxic. Without a thorough knowledge of mold types, you will have no understanding of how to identify or treat them. 

Professional mold remediation is the only way to resolve your mold problems.

What Is Mold Remediation?

Mold is a naturally occurring fungus. Although you can remove the mold and dispose of it, you cannot eliminate it. 

Mold remediation specialists identify issues that the average homeowner would not be aware of. Since most people are not trained in mold remediation, a DIY approach is potentially dangerous. 

Mold contains spores that can be inhaled when dispersed. Mold removal attempts by untrained individuals will cause them to spread in the air. Spores will also scatter and settle on household items and clothes. 

DIY vs. Professional 

Mold remediation professionals know how to seek out infestations that average homeowners would never be aware of. Here are some reasons why hiring mold remediation specialists is better than attempting mold removal on your own.

1. Safety 

Whether you discover mold colonies in your home or your business, the safety of people who inhabit the building should be paramount. You would not want to jeopardize the health of loved ones with a poorly attempted mold removal.

2. Cost 

Although it seems cheaper at the time, DIY mold remediation costs more in the long run. Without the right equipment and training, you will only magnify the problem. The result will be having to clean the mold repeatedly. Eventually, you will have to hire a mold remediation specialist. 

3. Convenience 

Mold often grows in hard to reach locations. Unless you are trained to remove mold from under floors or behind walls, there is little chance DIY remediation can be effective. Due to potential toxins in the mold, you also need special equipment, gear, and protective clothing. 

Why You Need Professionals in Northern Minnesota

There is no way to perform safe and successful mold remediation without education on specific molds and their behavior.

You must also have access to and training on various pieces of mold remediation equipment – equipment like air-filtration devices and a HEPA vacuum.

EPA-Approved Antimicrobial Agents:This family of mold-killing antifungals is often not sold to the general public. They are crucial in killing mold and preventing their growth and, generally, only commercially available.

Air-Filtration Devices:These prevent mold spores from spreading. They isolate mold spores and destroy them.

HEPA Vacuum: High-Efficiency Particulate Air vacuums trap allergens. Industrial-quality HEPA vacuums recover mold spores more effectively than commercial models.

You will still need goggles, gloves, and a protective suit. With all the expenses of DIY mold remediation, you can see why it does not pay.

Signs You Need a Professional in Northern Minnesota

Mold remediation is not something to attempt on your own. 

There is no substitute for professional mold assessment and removal. It may be possible to clean some mold on your own – maybe around the bathtub – but smaller mold outbreaks may stem from bigger problems.

Play it safe. Call the professionals at Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota

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