How to Handle Sewage Cleanup in Brainerd

The short answer as to how you handle sewage cleanup in Brainerd after a plumbing disaster is, easily enough, that you don’t. Dealing with a sewage backup — no matter how minor — is a job best left to the experts. A sewage backup must be dealt with fast and efficiently. There is a lot of contamination in raw sewage, including harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. The longer these contaminants are allowed to sit in your home, the worse off you’ll be — both in terms of property damage and your health.

Of course, you don’t have to sit idly by either. There are steps to limit the damage, salvage your possessions and begin the cleanup process — safely, of course.

What to Do After a Sewage Backup

Regardless of the extent of the sewage backup, there are steps one should take to get ahead of the problem. First off, before anything else, make sure you call a local restoration company. The sooner you can get in touch with a sewage cleanup crew, the sooner they can arrive. Most are able to arrive within an hour of your call.

In the meantime, consider the following steps after a sewage backup:

  • Evacuate children, seniors, pets and pregnant women from the area until it is safe.
  • Call your utility companies and alert them of the situation. Ask for the water, electricity and gas to be shut off to the entire property for the time being.
  • Open up any windows to ventilate the affected room.
  • Remove dry, uncontaminated goods from the area to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Add a little chlorine bleach to any standing water to help disinfect and kill bacteria. This will help in some cases, but many types of parasites are immune to chlorine.
  • Call your insurance company and notify them of the property damage. For your insurance claim, they will want proof, so be sure to take photographs of the damage.
  • Find a local restoration company offering 24-hour sewage cleanup in Brainerd to start the sewage removal process as soon as possible.

When to Call an Expert

Well, your best bet is to call a sewage removal expert immediately. If you feel the situation is minor and can be contained, it is your home. You’re welcome to attempt DIY sewage cleanup, though we do advise against such actions altogether.

It is imperative that you call an expert if:

  • The sewage spill is not confined to a single room.
  • The sewage backup occurred more than 24 hours prior.
  • The spill was caused by a sewage line or septic tank failure.
  • The sewage water may have come in contact with your HVAC system or water supply.

Again, we urge homeowners not to handle sewage cleanup solo. It’s too messy, too gross and too dangerous. Instead, call Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota for 24-hour sewage cleanup and removal in Brainerd.

About The Author

Patrick McBrady is the owner of Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota. Pat has more than five years of professional restoration experience and 24 years of management experience, and he has received certifications from the IICRC and the ACAC.

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