Remember Our Fire Safety Tips and Tricks During the Holidays in Brainerd

If you have any safety concerns or questions this holiday season, you can contact the Brainerd Fire Department at 218-828-2312.

Lorraine Carli, vice president of NFPA’s Outreach and Advocacy division, addressed fire hazards in the home. She said, “By knowing where potential fire hazards exist and taking the needed steps to prevent them, people can enjoy the season’s celebrations and traditions while keeping their families, guests and homes safe.”

  • Fireplaces — For warmth or to set the mood, a fireplace is a part of the holiday season. Remember to install a fire screen to prevent loose embers.
  • Cooking — From deep-frying to baking, holiday cooking requires focus and commitment.
  • Decorating — Check all your string lights for signs of damage to prevent sparking and flames.

What is the Top Holiday Fire Prevention Tip for Your Community?

Cooking will always be a big part of the holiday season. So, take care in the kitchen by removing flammable objects from the counter and wiping up grease spills. Furthermore, ensure you’re awake and alert while cooking or baking. There’s nothing wrong with letting someone take over for a bit.

“The Recipe for a Safe Family Holiday — The Do’s and Don’ts for Fire Prevention” is the perfect companion to your holidays. We’ve packed this downloadable guide with countless fire safety tips and tricks. Download yours right here!


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