Nothern Minnesota's

Water Damage Cleanup &
Restoration Solution

Water damage can be sudden and stressful. When disaster strikes, you can count on Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota to be there for you. Our dedicated restoration team is well-equipped, highly skilled, and ready to quickly respond and restore your property to its pre-damage state. When you need help, we’re just one call away.

Why Hire Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota?


Our customers are our number one priority. We always have your best interests in mind.

full-service solution

We can take care of every step of the restoration process, including reconstruction.

the job
done right

Doing the job right matters. We perform the same quality of work in your home that we would in our own home.

emergency calls

No matter the time, we will be there. If you have a water damage emergency, you can call 24 hours a day.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Our water damage restoration process is a comprehensive and well-planned approach. Our goal at every stage is to efficiently and safely restore your property, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the process. Here’s how it works:



We begin with a thorough assessment of the damage, identifying the source and any potential water contamination.


Water Extraction & Drying

We utilize advanced water extraction equipment. Then we dry the remaining moisture and dehumidify the area to prevent further damage or mold growth.



We clean up and disinfect the affected areas to remove contaminants and odors.


Mold Removal

If necessary, we provide mold remediation services to address any mold growth resulting from water damage.



We perform repair and renovation services to restore your property to its pre-damaged condition.

The Restoration 1 Promise

Get Help from water damage professionals in 3 steps



Call Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota, and let us know that you need help.



We’ll clean up and repair your property, bringing it back to its pre-damage state.



You can move past the stress of water damage and get on with your life.

What to do in a water damage emergency

In the event of a water leak, immediately shut off the water supply. Typically, you’ll find a primary water valve situated at the street’s edge, often close to the sidewalk. It may be alongside a secondary valve mounted on the external wall of your residence or workplace, typically in proximity to the garage. Familiarizing yourself with the location of your water shut off valves in advance can help prevent further damage during water damage emergencies.

After you shut off your water, call Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota to handle the restoration. We respond to emergencies around-the-clock.

customer-first restoration services

Everything we do from our restoration work to our communication is centered around our customers. Our priority is our customers, not an insurance company’s bottom line. We will always advocate and work on your behalf. We’ll do the job right the first time so you don’t have to worry about recurring issues.