Reasons to Hire a Board Up Service

A property that is being repaired as a result of a catastrophic weather calamity, such as floods or a storm, fire damage, or even an automobile accident, will benefit from emergency board-up services. The house is protected from future harm caused by a multitude of sources by boarded-up windows.

Natural calamities can strike at any time, leaving a family unprepared. Natural disasters strike quickly and cause significant harm. Property doors of various varieties can be blasted open or destroyed. Windows can fracture, siding can slump, and walls or roofs can fall. Large tree limbs may snap outside.

Similarly, a domestic fire could jeopardize the building’s structural stability. When exposed to fire for an extended amount of time, charred hardwood floor joists become unstable. Firefighters on the site are alleged to have shattered glass to put out the raging flames.

After any of the aforementioned disasters, the damaged home will be too structurally unsafe to dwell in. The property will be unoccupied while it is being refurbished. Unwanted visitors may be drawn to the damaged but unoccupied property.

Why do you need to board up a damaged business or home?

Protection against the elements

After a catastrophic event has partially destroyed a structure, it is still vulnerable to harsh weather. High winds, torrential rains, and flying debris can wreak havoc on an already damaged property. Hail and snow may penetrate through gaps in colder areas.

When windows and doors break, voids form in the structure. Rain can enter the house through roof holes or a collapsed roof, flooding the interior. Strong winds can cause a house’s siding to be ripped off.

When moisture from rain, sleet, or snow penetrates the damaged home, the homeowner faces serious water damage. Within hours after a deluge or snowstorm, many inches of water might build. Water will do significant damage to the floors, carpets, and gadgets.

Furthermore, rain may feed mold spores that have been dormant in the residence. When there is a consistent source of moisture, mold spores awaken. Mold might start growing in 24 to 48 hours. Mold will be a problem for the homeowner, in addition to water damage.

Animal protection

Roof gaps will attract pests of all kinds. Squirrels may find the attic a comfortable location to nest. Rats and raccoons will enter your home through broken windows and doors. Once on the site, the wild beasts will wreak even more havoc.

Animals bring dirt inside the house with them as they run in and out. Curious rodents chew apart the furniture, which includes everything from sofas to cushioned chairs. Worse, wild bugs will defecate and pee all over the place. The owners will have to make significant efforts to make the house habitable again.

Protection against vandalism

Following a calamity, vandals seeking opportunities to steal property or company will have enough to choose from. Looters and thieves will congregate around an unboarded-up house. Burglars will take technological equipment, artwork, money, and any other goods they see laying about.

The delinquents will continue to destroy the site after the items have been unloaded. Vandals have been known to spray paint graffiti on walls or just smash goods that have been left inside. Security cameras that have been destroyed by a storm will be unable to detect criminal activity.

What are the benefits of board-up services?

Emergency board-up services are crucial for averting future harm caused by the aforementioned factors. Boarded-up windows, for example, keep rain out and prevent extra water damage to products and interior spaces in a home or office.

After the property has been sufficiently boarded up, wild animals will seek a new home. If the roof is covered with a tarp, birds will not establish nests in the attic. Small dogs and squirrels will be unable to enter if doors and windows are boarded up.

A boarded-up house deters vandals. Plywood installed around the windows and doors deters would-be robbers. Emergency board-up services will secure the property until the property owner can install new doors, windows, or a roof.

Installing new doors, a roof, or windows takes time, which is why emergency board-up solutions are critical for preventing additional property damage. The goal of emergency board-up services is to keep out the elements, wild animals, and vandals.

Boarding up the house is a basic approach that might save it in the lowest period of time. The windows and doors are shielded by 5/8-inch-thick plywood that has been expertly cut. Thicker plywood is more durable, easier to get, and less expensive.

When should you get a professional to help?

The security of your home is critical, especially in the aftermath of a disaster. If your house or business is damaged by a storm, fire, or other calamities, you’ll need a trustworthy restoration company to begin the cleanup and repair process.

Water damage restoration, fire damage cleanup, mold treatment, trauma scene cleanup, and hoarder cleaning are just a few of the disaster restoration services offered by restoration professionals. Property owners may get comprehensive restoration services from highly qualified professionals and IICRC-accredited managers.

When you call Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota for emergency services, your home or business will be restored as soon as possible to its original condition. Our restoration specialists deliver exceptional results while keeping the highest levels of professionalism.

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