What Are the Benefits of Water Damage Restoration in Northern Minnesota?

It takes just a single storm or burst pipe for extensive water damage to seep into your home or business property. When that happens, what will you do? Well, you’re likely not equipped to clean up and repair water damage yourself. The advanced equipment required, along with industry knowledge and experience, makes a real difference in results. You need to call an expert. It is especially crucial to call an expert if your home has been exposed to water damage for more than 24 hours. By then, the water has seeped into numerous cracks and crevices, and mold growth may soon become a problem.

Quick Water Damage Restoration

Attempting to handle any amount of water damage restoration yourself can be challenging work, and slow to accomplish. It’s unlikely that you have easy access to industrial-grade fans, wet vacuums, or pumps – but a professional will have that and more. When dealing with extensive water damage from flooding or even a burst pipe, a team of restoration experts will arrive when you call. These professionals are prepared to clean, repair, and restore your property quickly.

Typically, a restoration company will dispatch an entire team to do the work. On your own, you may be lucky to enlist a family friend to help out with the flood cleanup, and that’s not enough. This is just one more reason to let the pros handle water damage for you.

Preventing Mold

One key component of professional water damage restoration is the prevention of mold or mildew. Following significant water damage, mold will quickly grow and spread. You typically have a maximum of 48 hours before mold begins to present itself. This puts your home or business on the clock! If you cannot handle water damage quickly enough, then you’re at risk for another costly disaster.

Professional water damage restoration experts remove excess water. If they find mold, they eliminate the growth and decontaminate the area where it was discovered promptly. Mold, as you likely know, is toxic to people’s health – and to pets as well. If you were to deal with mold yourself and mishandle it, you risk severe health concerns, including long-term respiratory illness, chronic coughing, and worse. Experts understand the risks associated with mold and are well-equipped to handle such safety concerns with the proper gear and equipment.

Benefits of IICRC-Certified Experts

The professionals at Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota must achieve certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification ( IICRC ) and the Indoor Air Quality Association ( IAQA) as well. These credentials indicate that our team knows how to handle water damage properly, using the latest methods. Some benefits of hiring an IICRC-certified restoration technician include:

  • Pressure-Proof – An IICRC-certified expert works well under pressure, knowing exactly how to handle emergency property damage
  • Advanced Equipment – Experts know how to get the most from today’s advanced equipment to deliver the best results
  • Large-Scale Jobs – Whether you’ve got a single flooded room or an entire house, IICRC-certified technicians can handle a job of any size with ease
  • Communication – You’re likely quite worried about your home or business. A certified technician provides honest, thorough communication throughout the entire process

Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota has vast experience handling water damage in residential and commercial properties. We know which equipment is required, how to handle mold, and the best practices to restore your property ASAP. 

About The Author

Patrick McBrady is the owner of Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota. Pat has more than five years of professional restoration experience and 24 years of management experience, and he has received certifications from the IICRC and the ACAC.

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