What Happens During The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Damage caused by a fire can be vast – that goes without saying. However, there are many levels to fire damage that most of us aren’t even aware of. There is structural damage, an overwhelming smoke and soot odor, damage to belongings, and water damage from extinguishing the fire. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the things involved in fire damage and the restoration thereof, and how Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota takes charge.

Types of Damage to Expect After a Fire is Extinguished:

  • Soot: Is the carbon byproduct of burnt materials, and it can be acidic and cause a lot of damage to porous and textured surfaces. Stone, grout, wood, carpet, and textiles are particularly vulnerable.
  • Mold: Thrives in damp, dark places, which is often the case in properties after a fire. Once the moisture in the air interacts with mold spores, it produces mildew which is damaging to porous surfaces. 
  • Rust: Will corrode your metal objects causing some items to become irreparable, or increasing your risk of electric shock in electrical items. 
  • Odor: After a fire is overwhelming – the mixture of smoke and mildew creates a particularly putrid smell.

Why Should You Hire Fire Damage Professionals?

When a fire disaster has struck your home, you need to act quickly and call the professionals at Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota. Only a trained person is allowed to enter a fire scene, even if the fire damage is minor, and so, the cleanup should be left to certified and trained technicians. Why? Because fire damage is unpredictable – no two fires leave the structure of a building the same. 

Steps to Take When Assessing and Repairing Damage:

1. Assess structural damage

Once the structural damage has been assessed, any obvious breaches or ingress points need to be sealed. This refers to holes in the ceiling, broken windows, and missing doors. 

2. Look for further damage

It’s not only the obvious damage (from smoke and fire) that the professionals at Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota are on the lookout for, but sometimes the water used to put out the fire can cause structural and mold damage too.

3. Removal of debris

The removal of debris needs to happen quickly in order to reduce the intensity of the smoke odor. In larger fires, you will need to pack up and remove personal belongings to prevent them from being damaged further and recontamination.

4. Removal of water

Any standing water needs to be cleared up and, as water will soak into absorbent surfaces (walls, floorboards, and even seep down to the next level in a multi-storey building), air movers will need to be used to accelerate the drying process.

5. Deep cleaning

Unfortunately, not everything can be saved. Many professional products can polish surfaces and remove smells, but this may be a very time-consuming process – and often replacement may be a better option.

Specialized Equipment Needed for Cleanup:

Air scrubbers: Remove pollutants from the air using a filtration system and then send out the ‘scrubbed’ air. The size of the area and density of the smoke will determine how long a scrubber will need to run. 

  • Air movers: Draw air in through an intake and direct it out of a port – like a hairdryer. These are great for drying walls, floors, carpet, and furnishings. They force air over wet or damp surfaces, drawing moisture into the stream and moving it away from the material.
  • Dehumidifiers: Remove moisture from the air; as air flows into a dehumidifier a cooling coil causes water to condense and gather in the unit. Without a dehumidifier, the moisture that an air mover is taking from an object will just be sent into the air and will end up condensing on another surface.

When cleanup is complete by Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota, you can expect the removal of all evidence of fire, smoke, and water damage. The air will be clear of odor, surfaces will be intact and stain-free, and furnishings will be restored or replaced. Restoration 1 will also ensure that all invisible damage is taken care of too – burnt electrical points, plumbing, and even mold.

When a disaster like this strikes your home or business property, it’s time to turn to the professionals. Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota has you covered on professional, ethical, and efficient smoke and fire damage restoration. The team will have your home back to normal in no time. 

If you have any questions about the restoration of fire damage to your property, contact Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota or go to the website.

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