What Is Flood Damage Restoration in Northern Minnesota?

Following a terrible thunderstorm or a flash flood at the nearby river, your risk of property damage increases dramatically. Even heavy rain can lead to immense water damage if your home is not adequately prepared against rising waters. If you have a working sump pump, then all the better. You’re protected from flood damage. But if not, then you could wake up with standing water inside of your home. Unlike your average water damage, flood damage typically includes raw sewage and other contaminants. It is far more damaging to your home and health. As such, you want to hire a local restoration company for flood damage restoration immediately, and knowing who to call can make a world of difference.

Recently, Governor Tim Walz called for residents to purchase flood insurance. We’re expecting to see record highs of flood waters in a short time. According to the recent reports urging this call to action, Northern Minnesota is allocating nearly $40 million in relief funds for the upcoming flood season. Previously, the fund saw just $11 million in support.

The Dangers of Flood Damage

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flood water or standing water can pose a significant health risk. Most flood water contains some form of contamination, including infectious diseases and chemical hazards, and may cause injuries.

Most commonly, flood water, which is usually classified as black water damage, can cause common diarrheal diseases, hepatitis, and wound infections.

To protect yourself and your family:

  • Practice good hygiene during the ordeal, including regular showering and frequent hand-washing.
  • Do not allow children to play in or around flood water.
  • Always wash children’s hands well with soap (especially before eating or drinking).
  • Do not allow children to play with any toys that have been contaminated by flood water damage or contamination.

The Flood Repair Process

First, following even a small amount of flood damage in your home, you want to call in a professional restoration team. There are flood damage experts who have the proper training and equipment to address both flood water and contamination inside of your home. These technicians can help reduce the risk of transmitting or spreading disease.

Expert flood damage restoration services often include the following steps:

  • An initial inspection is performed, in which the true extent of the flood water damage is noted.
  • All standing water is extracted from the premises.
  • The furnishings and structural materials affected by the flood water are cleaned, repaired, or disposed of properly.
  • The entire house is sanitized and deodorized to combat foul odors.
  • Affected rooms are dried using dehumidifiers and air movers.
  • Mold remediation is performed as a preventative measure.

Most flood damage restoration services also include the complete repair or replacement of rotten wood, ruined drywall, decorative items, and kitchen cabinets, among other items and possessions.

If your home or business is flooded, you’ll want to call a flood damage restoration company immediately. The water damage, if allowed to sit, will only worsen with time. The ensuing water damage and contamination will then cause immense, costly property damage and illness in you and your family.

For 24-hour flood damage restoration, you can call Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota. We have highly trained and equipped technicians standing by at all hours of the day and night to provide relief!

About The Author

Patrick McBrady is the owner of Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota. Pat has more than five years of professional restoration experience and 24 years of management experience, and he has received certifications from the IICRC and the ACAC.

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