What to Do After a Frozen Pipe Bursts in Northern Minnesota

A pipe burst in the dead of winter would have to be one of the worst possible situations to encounter. However, they are all too common, and especially with temperatures as frigid as ours, Minnesotans need to know what to do when they encounter a pipe burst in their homes. It could mean the difference between minor repairs and widespread water damage across multiple areas of your home. Most pipe breaks, as you might assume, will occur outside of your home, but unheated interiors like your basement and attic can easily create a water damage nightmare. Here are what your immediate reactions should be after a frozen pipe bursts in your Northern Minnesota home.

Look For Signs of a Burst Pipe

Especially with your attic, look for signs on your walls that you are potentially losing a lot of water. If it’s located in the attic, a leak will most visibly present itself on your ceilings, or on the walls if the water is coming from a pipe in your basement or crawlspace. Walls could easily become bubbly and textured, or you might have literal water drips – unmistakable signs that nothing good is happening behind those walls. Pay closer attention to your water bills each month – if you have unexpected spikes that are not normal, this could easily be indicative of a leak from a pipe burst. One of the main results of water damage is the start of a mold infestation, so also keep an eye out for dark patches or a musty odor that could mean you have one on your hands.

Turn Off Your Water

If you experience any of these signs, investigate where you think the water is coming from immediately. If it’s a pipe burst like you feared and water is still leaking, you need to turn off your water supply immediately. The most important thing you’re trying to do here is to stop the existing damage in its tracks, and evaluate what needs to happen next to clean up any standing water on the premises. If the damage is extensive and has had time to sit, it’s wise to call in a professional team right away.

Call Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota

The reason we suggest calling in a professional team like the one we have assembled at Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota is that we will be able to determine the full extent of the damage – we have seen and repaired similar occurrences many times. We have a thorough process that uses the most advanced techniques and equipment to remove the water, get the area dried, and mold-free – if the water damage has allowed mold to grow. Rest easy, as our experienced technicians will find every issue, and once the area has dried, we will also perform the needed permanent repairs. We are a full-service company, and are ready to help you whenever you need us, 24/7. Call us today.

About The Author

Patrick McBrady is the owner of Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota. Pat has more than five years of professional restoration experience and 24 years of management experience, and he has received certifications from the IICRC and the ACAC.

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