Worst Tornadoes in Northern Minnesota History

Tornadoes are often considered one of the most devastating natural disasters on the planet. They sit right alongside earthquakes and hurricanes in terms of devastation and property damage.

Unfortunately, the United States has some of the most severe tornadoes in the world. There’s a particular area known as “Tornado Alley” where tornadoes are omnipresent, and it runs right up through the Midwest.

Do you wonder if your home is at risk for tornado damage? If you live in Northern Minnesota, then there’s certainly a chance. Here are some of the worst tornadoes in the history of our great state, along with some information and guidance on living in a tornado region.

Worst Storm Damage Caused by Tornadoes in Northern Minnesota History

We typically witness the worst tornadoes during the late spring and early summer, before the threat moves down south. The reason for this drift is generally due to the warmth and moisture stemming from the Gulf of Mexico.

In Minnesota, we record tornadoes every month between March and November. As there have been numerous reported tornadoes annually, we’ll focus on the worst of the worst in the past few years.

Wadena County

While not solely focused on Wadena County, this series of tornadoes escalated throughout the region. In June of 2010, a major tornado outbreak struck the area, with 48 reported tornadoes touching down. Three of the 48 reached wind speeds of 166–200 mph. Unfortunately, there were three fatalities in the incident, and a significant number of properties in Wadena County were destroyed.


In May of 2008, a tornado struck Hugo. Estimated peak winds sat at around 165 mph. The tornado touched down along the eastern side of Lino Lakes. Unfortunately, there was one fatality and 9 injured during the disaster.


In August of 2006, a severe storm, including significant hail, struck the area of Kasota. During the storm, a tornado struck the region as well. The tornado took the life of one individual and injured another 37 in total, making it quite severe.

Tornado Damage Coverage

With a tornado, the damage stems from wind and water. Both of these working in tandem can be devastating to your property. Typically, depending on where you live, homeowner’s insurance will provide some amount of coverage for tornado damage. Here in Northern Minnesota, it’s highly likely that your insurance policy has you covered, but make sure you fully understand what’s covered and what’s not.

If your policy covers wind and water damage from a tornado, the money you receive can help restore or repair the damage promptly. Any destroyed belongings can also be replaced. It is unfortunate to lose anything, especially your home or business, but restoration services are there to help.

We have so many reported tornadoes per month, and if you live in Northern Minnesota, chances are you’ve seen a tornado first-hand. A tornado shelter in the basement or backyard, proper insurance, and a thorough safety plan to keep your family safe should be your paramount concern.

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